Ontology Application & Software Engineering Laboratory (知識本體應用與軟體工程實驗室)

Ontology Application & Software Engineering Laboratory 

   http://OASE.NUTN.EDU.TW      http://OASE.TWMAN.ORG

知識本體應用暨軟體工程實驗室的英文全名為"Ontology Application & Software Engineering Laboratory",簡稱「OASE實驗室」,本實驗室的研究領域包括知識本體(Ontology)應用、智慧型代理人(Intelligent Agent)及知識管理(Knowledge Management)。目前研究計畫重點為將知識本體技術應用於CMMI知識管理及健康照護(Healthcare)相關的研究,研究經費來源包括:國科會計畫、經濟部學界科專計畫及資策會計畫等,提供大學部與研究所同學優良的研究環境。本實驗室擁有完善的研究設備,誠摯歡迎對此一研究領域有興趣的同學加入本實驗室。

The laboratory, Ontology Applications & Software Engineering Laboratory (OASE), research fields include Ontology Applications, Intelligent Agent, and Knowledge Management. The funds of the research projects are supported by the National Science Council (NSC), Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), Institute for Information Industry (III), and so on. The OASE laboratory provides excellent research environments and facilities for undergraduates and graduate students to do research. Currently, the OASE’s main research topic focuses on the applications to Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Knowledge Management and Healthcare. We sincerely welcome those who are interested in these research topics to join us.