The Venue of the University of Essex for 2012 UK-TW

University of Essex's Signboard (Essex大學招牌)

No Entry, Only for Bus (禁止進入,限公車)

Turn Right to Visit Car Park (向右轉)

Direction signs (路標)

Visit Car Park (訪客停車場)

Tree (樹)

Library (圖書館)

Ivor Crewe lecture building (Workshop Venue)

Square 4

Stairs (樓梯)

Car Park (停車場)

Football Pitch (足球場)

Sport Center (運動中心)

South Towers (學生宿舍)

Tree (樹)

Lecture Theater Building

Square 3

Square 2 (School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering)

Best Western Rose & Crown Hotel

Brook Red Lion Hotel

Look Right (向右看)

Look Left (向左看)